About TMalone Marketing

TMalone Marketing is a premiere brand communications and marketing firm in Memphis, TN. Parent Company to NDLoop, TMalone Marketing specializes in Buzz Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Media Marketing, Non-Traditional Marketing, Marketing Management, Social Media Managing & Consulting, Web Design Structuring, Event Planning, Event Hosting, Brand Development, Messaging, Photography, Location Scouting, and Research & Development. Whatever your company needs, TMalone Marketing is the go-to firm for all things brand related.

TMalone Marketing offers campaign development and execution, and has successfully worked with companies throughout the Southern Region. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and implementation capabilities, offering measurable results and profitable growth.

Choosing TMalone Marketing for your marketing needs is choosing to make an investment in your company and image.

Our Firm

As one of the fastest growing Memphis marketing firms, TMalone Marketing is built on tradition and lasting success. Since our launch date (JUNE 2004), our firm and our employees have held high standards for serving the needs of our clients with excellence and professionalism.

We understand that it is simply not enough to know a particular marketing strategy. Our firm comprehends that our clients need quick results that require fast solutions, and we respond to those client needs with measurable results. To achieve this goal, we focus on or clients’ objectives and pursue those objectives in a timely and efficient manner.

TMalone Marketing has been recognized for its extraordinary approach to branding and creating ad revenue. We have also grown that experience to expand the firm to web design, photography, video production, and voice production – including corporate branding and television commercials. Our firm’s commitment to maintaining a diverse group of skilled marketing representatives and our continued growth in all practice areas show our dedication to client service, both in the United States and Internationally.

Our Clients

We here at TMalone Marketing recognize that success depends on a close and comfortable relationship between our clients and representatives. To accomplish this successfully, our marketing representatives work diligently and collaboratively to assess ideas and develop creative and effective strategies and solutions that meet our clients’ marketing needs.

Our client relationships attest to our commitment to client service, our depth of experience, and to our integrity. While we have many clients we chose the slogan, “Brand Building… One Idea at a Time” to show that like with each idea, every client is personally addressed in a step by step process.

Team Details

Our team consists of individuals that all started out in college with entrepreneurial dreams. Together they make TMalone Marketing building one brand at a time. Just select a photo to learn more about one of our team members.

Branding Specialist

tony-maloneThe brainchild of Tony Malone, TMalone Marketing has been servicing the greater Mid-South since June 2004. A Marketing Major, Malone began his career as the Executive Director of Marketing at GameTime Athletics. By creating and branding the M-Town athletic shoe and hat (later secured by Mickey “Memphitz” Wright to be licensed under New Era), Malone demonstrated his expertise in marketing and brand management. The success of this venture led to the expansion of his firm.

With his company’s mission being “build one brand idea at a time”, Malone has always had a passion for creating that “next big thing”. Offering an inimitable approach to brand development, and marketing, Malone has secured accounts with various sectors of business. From entertainment to small government, Malone’s tactical planning skills have assisted numerous companies in making invaluable connections with their targeted audience.

Exuding professionalism and savoir-faire with every move he makes, Malone has garnered the respect of his peers, both personally and professionally. A mogul on the rise with his finger on the pulse of what’s next, Malone is destined to stay ahead of the curve, building his empire one endeavor at a time.

“If you have to work everyday, make sure you’re working for something that pays well, you love doing, & that you would do for free.”


Graphic Designer, Artist

jade-millerGraphic designer, painter extraordinaire, Jade Miller is a true artist. Jade brings a calm approach to his work and life in general which helps create a valuable balance. With an eye for bringing creativity to corporate friendly designs, Jade is an incredible asset to have on the TMalone Marketing team.

Photography, Artist

ziggyLouis Tucker (better known as Ziggy Mack), is both an image taker and an image maker. He is one of the best photographers in the city. He loves creative collaboration, and how talent comes out on top in Memphis. Ziggy is an incredible asset to have on the TMalone Marketing/ NDLoop team.

Blogger, Content Writer

kim-thomasKim Thomas arrived at TMalone Marketing a few years ago and hit the ground running. She works with some of our larger accounts and clients who have a higher level of integration with our team. She makes things happen. All Press Releases from the TMalone Marketing offices begin at her desk. She is an exceptional blogger with numerous fortune 500 companies under her portfolio.

Web Developer

Otis-MasonOtis Mason works bring a broad scope of experience and capabilities to our development team. Otis is responsible for some of our super awesome improvements and new features. He is responsible for the overall graphic development of websites. He plans, writes code, fixes problems and basically makes sure that all TMalone Marketing website work.

Graphic Design, Photography

Lindsey-LipfordLindsey Lipford is one of the team members who started here as an intern in the beginning. She brings a very high level of determination and commitment to excellence to our design team. Lindsey’s specialty is logo design, ad work design, and photography.

Graphic Designer, Artist

raeisha-strongRaeisha Strong has been with TMalone Marketing longer than anyone (except Tony, of course). Her loyalty and commitment to our team are second to none and she brings a unique artistic flare to her work that clients love. Her specialty is logo creation and custom artwork.


cenethia-dabneyCenethia keeps things running. She handles the books, assists in project management, runs meetings, watches over processes to be sure things run well and assists the boss when he needs it. If you need something, asks Cenethia, she’ll get it done. Cenethia also handles most customer’s invoices and payments. She is also the pleasant voice you hear when you are leaving a message.