To be considered a true Marketing and Advertisement firm, TMalone Marketing has custom in house media solutions to get any branding image off of the ground. From photography to film production, we make sue that your main visual goal is displayed exactly how the client’s mind views the concept.

All photography is overseen by Jermel Tucker of Fomoloop Photography and Kimberly Thomas of KPFusion. Jermel is a seasoned fashion, event, and landscape photographer that specializes in capturing that special moment.

Click the Camera Photo to here to see some of our Photographer’s Photography Work.


Video Production

All video production is done by a team of independent video directors. The particular director chosen is solely based on the particular brand and idea that we are attempting to create with the specific commercial, short story, infomercial, or music video. Because different clients’ ideas can require a certain type of video production, we keep an exceptional amount of directors and film crews on staff.

Check out this video we created here to see one of our Videographer’s Work.