TMalone Foundation

The TMalone Foundation is something that is very new and dear to my heart. While I do still donate to large non-profit organizations, the TMalone Foundation was created to assist specific individuals in the Mid-South area. We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, but a non-profit organization that takes 90% of all donations and assist individuals that need assistance with their utility bills and necessities. While we will not issue cash, we will have a foundation representative go write a check for the amount of the necessity. In 2010, we raised over $3500! To donate to the TMalone Foundation Click Here

Also in 2010, the TMalone Foundation partnered with The American Cancer Society and PartiKingz Incorporated to create “The All Pink Gala” at The Pink Palace. All the donations and money raised from the event went to breast cancer research. Being our first attempt at a non-profit event, The All Pink Gala was a tremendous success! So successful that it has become an annual event. To donate to the All Pink Gala Click Here

This page is placed on the website for clients, family, and friends that would like to donate to either one of these great causes. We only have one account for the TMalone Foundation so please specify what you would like for your contribution to be applied to. Thank you in advance!



TMalone Foundation

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