About TMalone Marketing

TMalone Marketing is a brand communications and marketing firm, that provides a vast range of marketing services. We specialize in non-traditional, urban, and commercial marketing techniques to deliver your brand into the hearts and minds of your target demographic.

TMalone Marketing offers campaign development and execution, and has successfully worked with companies throughout the Southern Region. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and implementation capabilities, offering measurable results and profitable growth.

Choosing TMalone Marketing for your marketing needs is choosing to make an investment in your company and image.


Our Firm

As one of the fastest growing Memphis marketing firms, TMalone Marketing is built on tradition and lasting success. Since our launch date (JUNE 2004), our firm and our employees have held high standards for serving the needs of our clients with excellence and professionalism.

We understand that it is simply not enough to know a particular marketing strategy. Our firm comprehends that our clients need quick results that require fast solutions, and we respond to those client needs with measurable results. To achieve this goal, we focus on or clients’ objectives and pursue those objectives in a timely and efficient manner.

TMalone Marketing has been recognized for its extraordinary approach to branding and creating ad revenue. We have also grown that experience to expand the firm to web design, photography, video production, and voice production – including corporate branding and television commercials. Our firm’s commitment to maintaining a diverse group of skilled marketing representatives and our continued growth in all practice areas show our dedication to client service, both in the United States and Internationally.


Our Clients


We here at TMalone Marketing recognize that success depends on a close and comfortable relationship between our clients and representatives. To accomplish this successfully, our marketing representatives work diligently and collaboratively to assess ideas and develop creative and effective strategies and solutions that meet our clients’ marketing needs.

Our client relationships attest to our commitment to client service, our depth of experience, and to our integrity. While we have many clients we chose the slogan, “Brand Building… One Idea at a Time” to show that like with each idea, every client is personally addressed in a step by step process.

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